10 Interesting Facts about Saint Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul, Minnesota, is home to a very diverse community as well as a number of interesting traditions and attractions. From Sweet Pea’s Public House to the shores of the Mississippi River, there is plenty to see and do around our town throughout the year.

Here are just a few fun facts to learn about St. Paul:

  1. St. Paul was once home to a large population of Native Americans. They continue to celebrate their heritage and traditions every year with the annual Rondo Days festival.
  2. The winters in St. Paul can be pretty treacherous. However, the city has done a great job of providing enclosed walkways and bridges so residents and visitors can still explore the area without going out into bad weather. The skyway is five miles long!
  3. Once upon a time, St. Paul earned a reputation as a hotspot for gangs and criminals. During Prohibition, criminals routinely paid off the police to let them conduct their business undisturbed.
  4. Minnesota has no sales tax on items like clothing and accessories. This may be one of the reasons that the largest mall in the U.S. – the Mall of America – is located right outside of St. Paul.
  5. If you’re looking to visit the Mississippi River, you’re in luck! St. Paul has more shoreline along the river than any other city along its entire length.
  6. Along with the Mississippi River, St. Paul is also within range of 22 different lakes that are home to a great variety of wildlife.
  7. St. Paul loves its artists. Dozens of public parks are graced with statues and art installations created by locals.
  8. F. Scott Fitzgerald was from St. Paul. His mansion was later enjoyed by several other celebrities and is now the Governor’s mansion.
  9. St. Paul is an especially friendly city for businesses and has earned several awards for the opportunities it offers to companies of all sizes.
  10. St. Paul is home to the Minnesota Centennial Showboat, a floating theater that is permanently anchored along the Mississippi River and puts on shows year round.