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  • Local Fundraisers in St Paul

    Whether you have kids in school or you are part of a local organization, chances are you need to fundraise to continue to further your cause. However, the problem with most fundraisers is they take a lot of time and effort to be even remotely effective. If you are searching for a way to make […]

  • Best Brunch Food in St. Paul

    The combination of breakfast and lunch, aka brunch, is probably one of the most genius ideas in the history of menus. It is a fact; everyone loves brunch. If you are looking for a pub in St. Paul that serves the best brunch around, look no further than Sweet Pea’s Pub. At Sweet Pea’s, you […]

  • Best Burgers in St. Paul

    Are you searching for some of the best burgers in St. Paul? Look no further than Sweet Pea’s Public House. When you come into Sweet Pea’s, you will be greeted with a comfortable environment, fantastic service, and, of course, the best burger in St Paul! So, what makes our burgers a cut above the rest? […]

  • What to Do in St. Paul, MN?

    St. Paul is a wonderful city full of history, food, and fun. The city of St. Paul began as a trading settlement and was the most northern place on the Mississippi River. In later years, St. Paul and adjoining Minneapolis formed the Twin Cities, which is the largest urban area in the Midwest behind Detroit […]

  • What Is Happy Hour?

      Happy Hour. This term gets thrown around a lot, but what exactly is it? Though the origins of Happy Hour are unclear, one thing is certain; it is all about getting together with friends and blowing off steam before heading home. During the 1920s when Prohibition was in full force, Happy Hour took place […]