Fundraising at Sweet Pea’s: The Friendliest Pub in St. Paul

Are you searching for the perfect place to fundraise for your group or organization in St. Paul, Minnesota? Sweet Pea’s Pub is the perfect place to throw your next fundraiser! We have an excellent program for fundraising organizations to earn money, plus we have a welcoming environment and delicious food that your donors will enjoy. What could be better? So why fundraise at Sweet Pea’s Pub?

Classic Pub Environment

We offer an environment that all Midwesterners absolutely love – a classic pub. From our comfortable seating to our welcoming staff, our patrons love frequenting our establishment. Plus, our pub is family friendly! Your friends and family can feel comfortable bringing their kids to your fundraising event. No other pub in St. Paul does it quite like Sweet Pea’s does.

Delicious Food

Our amazing menu has something that will appeal to everyone who comes to support you which makes it a great place to fundraise. No one can resist our entrees such as our Lucys or Pub Pot Pies, and everyone loves our fantastic shareable and desserts such as our Gigantic Pretzel or mouthwatering Totchoes and Chocolate Chip Lucy. Not only do we offer delicious food, but we also have a wide assortment of beverages – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – for your group to enjoy. Your friends and family who dine here for your fundraising event are sure to love it.

How Fundraising at Sweet Pea’s Works

We know fundraising can be stressful, so we have made it easy! Simply send your friends and family to Sweet Pea’s on your designated fundraising day (typically a Monday night) with your event voucher, and we’ll donate 25% of their bill (before taxes and tip) to your cause. Vouchers are good for dine-in customers and can’t be handed out to patrons at the restaurant the night of your event. Our program is a simple way to earn some much-needed donations!

Hosting your fundraiser at Sweet Pea’s Pub is a fun and simple way to raise money for your cause. With our great environment, tasty food, and easy fundraising program, there is no better place to have your next fundraiser. Getting your fundraiser setup is simple and fast! Simply contact our general manager to set a date, we will send you the voucher, and then send the voucher to your group or organization and their affiliates get the word out! To learn more about our pub before your event, just visit our  about us page. Come and make your fundraiser a night to remember with Sweet Pea’s Pub!

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