It’s Time To Fall In Love With The Lucy

Some things are just incredibly Minnesotan. Lakes. Wind chill. High school hockey. And the Juicy Lucy.
The Juicy Lucy is a sort of unusual take on the cheeseburger. The cheese doesn’t just sit on top of the patty – it’s also placed between two thinner patties. The cheese melts inside the combined patty as it cooks and oozes out once you bite into it, like a delicious cheese volcano.

They say it was invented in the 1950s in south Minneapolis, but there is some dispute as to where. This has sparked a friendly rivalry among some restaurants that claim to be the home of the Lucy.

While we don’t know what actually happened, it was clearly a hit. Fast forward to today, and the Juicy Lucy burger is considered a Minnesota delicacy. Some say it’s the best food in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

At Sweet Pea’s Pub, we make it easy to fall in love with the Lucy! We’ve got an incredible selection of Lucys – you’ve got to try our whole menu! Sweet Pea’s always has a variety of lucys, check them out here to see our current selection!

That’s not all, we’ve also got our Lucy of the Month! Each month we reveal a one-of-a-kind Juicy Lucy only available for a limited time. If you’re a real Juicy Lucy fiend, stop by each month to try the latest Lucy of the Month!

Sweet Pea’s Pub is quite the Juicy Lucy restaurant! Head over to the friendliest pub in St. Paul and get your Juicy Lucy on.

Have an idea for a Lucy of the month? We’d love to hear it – send us a message!

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