Local Fundraisers in St Paul

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Whether you have kids in school or you are part of a local organization, chances are you need to fundraise to continue to further your cause. However, the problem with most fundraisers is they take a lot of time and effort to be even remotely effective. If you are searching for a way to make fundraisers easy and profitable, look no further than Sweet Pea’s Pub. Sweet Pea’s is a pub in St. Paul, and we love to support our local community by partnering with organizations to throw great fundraising events.

So how do you partner with us and throw the best fundraiser of the year? It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Our General Manager: To set up your fundraiser, simply contact our General Manager to pencil in a night and get the ball rolling. Once you have talked with them, we will get you a voucher for your event.
  2. Print and Email Vouchers: Get those vouchers out as quickly and widespread as you can! Email them to your entire list, take them door-to-door, deliver them at work…the list goes on. You want as many people as possible to come to Sweet Pea’s on the night of your event. Once your guests have reached our pub, each table will be able to let their waiter or waitress know they are there for your event when they present their voucher.
  3. Get 25% Back: That’s right! Twenty-five percent of the total bill of each table that presents the voucher will go directly to your organization. No need for you to work all night or bus tables; simply get people in the door and ordering with your voucher and get 25% off their bill automatically given back to your cause. It is just that easy.

Your family, friends, and even acquaintances will love supporting your cause when it is at Sweet Pea’s. Our menu has everything your guests could ever want. From delicious shareables like wings and garlic parmesan fries to mouthwatering entrees like stuffed Jalapeno Lucy’s and Chicken Pot Pie we have got all the bases covered. If you are looking for one of the best, family-friendly bars in St. Paul, MN, to throw your fundraiser, you have found it at Sweet Pea’s!

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