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    Juicy Lucys & Burgers In St. Paul

    Our Lucys and Specialty Burgers are made with freshly ground, never frozen all-natural U.S.D.A. choice Angus beef from Revier Cattle Company in Olivia, MN. Served on freshly baked buns from our local baker, Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery, with a half-pound of pub fries or a seasonal side salad. Substitute garlic parmesan fries for $2 or jumbo tater tots or soup for $3. Substitute gluten-free bun for $2.

    gluten-free-icon-2018 Denotes Gluten Friendly without bun or substitute gluten-free bun.


    New! Totcho Lucy*

    Filled with American cheese and topped with a smashed jumbo tot, sour cream, romaine, more cheese, chopped bacon, and green onions. $12.99

    New! Pepper Cheese Lucy* gluten-free-icon-2018

    Stuffed and topped with pepper cheese. Also topped with mayo and romaine. $11.99.

    Jalapeño Lucy*

    Stuffed with jalapeños and cheddar. Topped with romaine, fried jalapeños, cholula mayo, and cheddar. $11.99

    The Classic Lucy* gluten-free-icon-2018

    The Lucy that started it all! U.S.D.A. choice beef stuffed and topped with American cheese. $9.99

    Sweet Heat Lucy*

    Stuffed with ghost pepper cheese and sweet chili sauce. Topped with monterey jack, bacon, sweet chili sauce, romaine, mayo, and haystack onions. $12.99

    Beer Cheese Lucy*

    Stuffed with our creamy beer cheese sauce, featuring Grain Belt Premium, and served on a pretzel bun. Topped with bacon, bistro sauce, haystack onions, and a slice of habanero jack. $12.99

    PB & Bacon Lucy* gluten-free-icon-2018

    Stuffed with peanut butter. Topped with romaine and bacon. $12.99

    Caution: Your first bites will release very, very hot (yet quite delicious) stuffed goodness. Please exercise care to avoid a torched tongue.

    Specialty Burgers

    Turkey Burger gluten-free-icon-2018

    Seasoned ground turkey, chipotle pesto, pico, romaine, mayo, avocado, and monterey jack. $12.99

    The Ultimate ‘Shroom Burger* gluten-free-icon-2018

    Sautéed mushrooms, bleu, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, romaine, crumbled bacon, and bistro sauce. Garnished with green onions and cheddar cheese. $12.99
    Gluten Friendly without bistro sauce.

    Cowboy Burger* gluten-free-icon-2018

    BBQ sauce, bacon, and cheddar cheese. $11.99

    Veggie Burger

    All the flavor, none of the meat. Three-grain veggie burger with romaine, tomato, red onions, avocado, habanero jack, and cilantro mayo. $12.99

    gluten-free-icon-2018 Why do we call it Gluten Friendly? The indicated items are gluten-free, but because we use high gluten flour in our kitchen, there is a chance of cross-contamination on all menu items. We cannot guarantee that menu items are 100% gluten-free.

    *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness especially if you have medical conditions.

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